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A Better Approach To Professional Development

It's time to train leaders and teams in ways proven to achieve better results.

The Hard Truth About Leadership Training

The hard truth about leadership training

Over $350 Billion spent globally each year in training efforts

More Money isn't the answer

only 10% of CEOS believe their leadership programs actually work

Traditional training lacks results

Over 75% of organizations report leadership is lacking

We need to develop better leaders

Let’s face it

Weak Teams create more friction than results

Despite the countless leadership and team development initiatives in today's corporate landscape, companies still aren't satisfied. The harsh truth is that 57% of employees leave jobs due to bad leadership – because people quit bosses, not jobs.

It's clear: corporate leadership and team development need a new paradigm for growth.

At Cairn Leadership, we believe there's a better way. We've witnessed the transformative power of outdoor experiences for leaders, teams, and individuals. In the last five years alone, we've partnered with leading corporations to create customized development programs, bringing over 350 leaders on 60+ multi-day immersive learning journeys across the USA.

Join us in reshaping corporate leadership development and unleash the full potential of your team.

Knight Campbell founder of Cairn Leadership
a group of businesspeople sitting and passively listening to a talk with mild disinterest.A group of Cairn Leadership clients taking notes during an outdoor training session on emotional intelligence.

Which learning style looks more effective – left or right? 

A New Paradigm...

The culture of your company will drive your employees to growth or leave them stagnant. Cultures are created by the teams and leaders within your company.

Thats where we come in.

At Cairn Leadership, we use the proven, studied benefits of the outdoor learning environment to grow people beyond their comfort zones and provide an experiential training setting that engages your team.

Learning Outdoors Provides:

Stanford University

60% Boost in Creative problem solving

DARPA Research

200% Increase in Learning While in Flow

University of Michigan

20% Improvement in recall and Attention

I heard and I forgot...I did and I understood

We don't just focus on what to teach, we focus on how to teach it

Effective training is not just about delivering information but about facilitating understanding and retention.  That's why we built a team of seasoned corporate and military leaders with expertise in experiential learning and the outdoors.

...For Lasting Change

If you want learning to be impactful, teams to grow, and a productive company culture to thrive, training must be authentic and experiential.

When a leader ropes up to climb a rock face or sets up to belay his or her boss, things get real. When things are ‘real,’ we emotionally engage – and that drives true learning. Social loafing goes away when a bad decision means an uncomfortable camping spot or adding extra length to the hike back home.

With real experiences comes change.

That’s why we tailor our approach to each of our clients, creating custom professional development programs that suit your unique team and leadership needs.

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Ready for real Change?

Explore inspiring examples from our past courses and collaborate with us to tailor a custom program that aligns with your team's unique needs and goals.

You're in good company

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