Connecter, adventurer, deep thinker.  Abigail Jones lives to create the experiences no one has thought of before and use them to unlock human potential.  After studying sociology, linguistics and business management at UCSD, Abigail has coached executives and trained corporate, academic, and purpose-driven teams since 2013. She has talent for creating uncommon connections to offer unique leader development venues.  Drawing from a diverse background including yoga teacher, improv comedian, freestyle dancer, business adjunct professor, veteran entrepreneur mentor, and corporate leadership retreat facilitator, Abigail orchestrates tools, activities, and environments to help leaders find their greatness. As COO of Cairn Leadership Strategies, Abigail drives our unique process to activate leader potential through holistic and authentic experiences. Abigail also directs the yoga program at PB Fitness. When she is not creating unique spaces for leaders and teams to thrive, you’ll find Abigail on a long swim-run, improvising comedy and movement with women in San Diego, or crushing big lines on her snowboard.