Adventure Leadership Coaching Subscription


Adventure Leadership Coaching Subscription


Six month subscription includes:

Two one hour phone coaching sessions a month.

One outdoor adventure-based coaching session (Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or Hiking)

Unlimited email access for short coaching questions and accountability.

10% discount for paying full subscription up front.

Billing works on rolling 30 day periods.

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Knight did an amazing job asking guiding questions so that I would ponder my own questions as I climbed. He would ask me to plant a thought or question before I climbed and then to stop thinking about it. Sure enough, when I arrived at a point of struggle, the concept would attach itself to the struggle of the climb. It was insightful and fascinating.

The biggest take away I had was that everything at which I thought I was failing in my life, I was actually succeeding at in big ways! Hard on yourself much? Me too!

Knight is a professional, safe, supportive, and will challenge you at your level. I cannot say enough good things about him and the experience! Happy climbing!