Expedition Leadership Coaching Subscription


Expedition Leadership Coaching Subscription


Six month subscription includes:

Two one hour in person or phone coaching sessions a month (your preference).

One private guided local outdoor adventure based coaching session. Up to 12 hours!

Unlimited email access for short coaching questions and accountability.

10% discount for paying full subscription up front.

Billing works on rolling 30 day periods.

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As a coach myself, I have attended a lot of training, but what the team at Cairn Leadership is doing is unique and powerful!!
Seriously - I recommend this to everyone!!
Faced with my fears (heights) and my own 'stuff' aka blocks, I was met with the most unbelievable support and understanding, and so as I navigated climbing a rock-face, things began to make sense in my mind and in my heart.
Knight is a fantastic coach and his capacity to deeply listen, understand and fully support his client is impeccable.