Summit Leadership Coaching Subscription


Summit Leadership Coaching Subscription


Our premier leadership coaching subscription.

Six month subscription includes:

Three one hour in person or phone coaching sessions a month. (your choice)

Two private guided outdoor adventure based coaching sessions- up to 12 hours each!

Unlimited email access for short coaching questions and accountability.

10% discount for paying full subscription up front.

Billing works on rolling 30 day periods.

Start Your Leadership Journey

Being afraid of heights, I never thought I would rock climb. When Knight shared with me his unique approach to empower leaders and especially women through the adventure and challenge of rock climbing, I knew I had to say yes. I am grateful I did and will be the first to say I was surprise how much I enjoyed it.

As the CEO of two small businesses, I have times of doubt, exhilaration, defeat, triumph, failure, and the roller-coaster list of emotions goes on. Many of these same emotions I experienced on my day with Knight climbing up steep granite with little place for a hand or foot. I have had many coaching sessions and leadership courses over the past 20+ years. Nothing compares to the being outdoors physically challenging myself while Knight is in total control and triple checking to make me feel safe and more calm than I thought possible hanging on to the side of a giant rock. He masterfully blends educating me on rock climbing, the techniques, gear, etc. with exploratory questions that provided insights into my pitfalls and opportunities as a leader, business owner, wife, and mother.

I know that the lessons I learned and awareness I gained will last and be more easily implemented than a typical leadership class or books. When you have such an emotional and physical connection to the lessons, they become a part of you immediately. This learning adventure is worth the investment for any leader (heck any human) looking to get to the next level.