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Core Leadership Skills

Develop the skills to excel

Culture is the heartbeat that drives success.

We focus on core leadership skills and team behaviors to build an intentional culture.

Culture is the heart and soul of a growing company, shaping its identity, values, and approach to business.  A strong culture fosters employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity, driving innovation and success. By focusing on these training targets, we believe your employees will be equipped to cultivate and sustain the type of culture your company needs to excel. 


Trust makes your teams faster, innovation easier, and people happier. We can help methodically build higher trust in four key domains. Nothing says trust like a good belay.


From setting strategic guidance to giving tough feedback, communication drives your success. We offer proven strategies to create shared understanding across your organization.

Team Dynamics

Team bonding is superficial. Team development helps you build the best possible team. We clarify and help set up the dynamics you need for success.


More than feeling good, motivation is about giving people what drives them to success. We help identify primary motivators and structure them into your teams.

Productivity & Flow

Work is full of distractions. We leverage the science of flow states to help you design a workplace that makes your people happier and more effective.

Problem Solving

We leverage curriculum in critical thinking and systems thinking as well as creativity to help you innovate on your most intractable challenges.

Psychological Safety

An organization without psychological safety is like driving with your emergency brake on. We help root out areas where employees are afraid to speak up and help make information flow freely.

Emotional Intelligence

From individual leader social emotional skills to setting emotional norms to help your team thrive, we help you make emotions an asset for your teams.

Risk Management

From making decisions at the right level to understanding the current SWOT analysis for your organization, we help make your workforce proactive risk managers.

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