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We do! Check out our Course Catalog for examples based on past courses. For an overview of the types of programs we offer and what to expect when working with us, you can also check out our Team Development Programs page. 

Even better! We’ve rated the level of challenge for this experience in terms of the whole event. No problem if you’re a total novice at one or more of the outdoor activities. We’ve got a team of certified and experienced guides to walk you through the process and build your confidence along the way.

To start, you’ll get a comprehensive gear list with links to examples and how-to videos so you know where you can get affordable gear or use what you do have. If there are still items you’re missing, just ask us! We’ve got a small reserve of outdoor gear you can borrow on an as-needed basis. Otherwise, we can help you find another solution.

We pride ourselves in our training and ability to manage risk responsibly. We want things to feel real, and our guides are certified by the American Mountain Guide Association to operate in the terrain. We require Wilderness First Responder qualifications for our guides (the gold standard in wilderness medical care) and train extensively in risk management. National parks and other land managers verify our insurance, certifications, and plans before granting us a permit.

With backgrounds in naval aviation, outdoor guiding, and business leadership, assessing the likelihood and consequence of a bad outcome and mitigating risk is a major part of our daily job with you and elsewhere. What makes us unique is that we will include our clients in the conversation. We want to hear everyone’s voice and use risk assessments as a learning opportunity across the board.

We won’t do anything with you have assessed the risks and agreed to move forward. We also mitigate risk by clearly articulating our goal as leadership development instead of outdoor objectives. We prefer not to make it to the top of a mountain if that means richer conversations and adequate time to reflect on the discussions.

We know business changes plans and we start making our logistics plans two months before an adventure. Outside of 60 days you can get a full refund or move to another adventure free of charge. Between 60 and 30 days from your adventure we will move you to another adventure or refund 50% of your registration. Within 30 days refunds are only by special circumstance.

Yes! We often have friends and partners join us. We do find people have the best experience if they both commit to staying invested in the group. If you come alone, no worries- people who attend Crux Adventures are incredible humans to create new friendships with.

Then this isn’t the adventure for you! We provide growth and learning at every turn. We’ll challenge you through thought-provoking conversation, outdoor activities, and opportunities to reflect. This experience is carefully crafted to help you grow and develop with learning that sticks. Feel free to sign up for a retreat on the beach if you’re looking for easy!


  • Certified guides
  • Leadership discussions and lessons based on competencies participants choose
  • One-on-one leadership coaching
  • A guided journal to work through leadership theories and capture new insights
  • Outdoor skills clinics such as navigation and wilderness medicine


  • Tents
  • All technical gear
  • All outdoor camping and cooking gear
  • All meals, snacks, and hydration
  • A detailed gear list with examples and how-to videos for personal camping gear
  • A customizable fitness plan

We gather incredible people from across industries, functions, and geography to create a robust community at each adventure. You can expect people ranging from business owners and executives to managers and entrepreneurs to share perspectives around the campfire. If you feel isolated in your niche or think you could use new ideas, this is the group for you!

While we are confident our guides will be able to meet you where you are (once we took everyone multi-pitch climbing since they had good single-pitch skills!) this is ultimately about personal and professional development. Our goal is to challenge you intellectually as much as physically to refine your approach to leadership. We know you’ll still get a lot out of the experience because we do every time!

This course will take your leadership to a level simply not possible in conventional corporate settings. We build our curriculum on the latest research along with classic philosophy and practitioner’s wisdom. Then we apply it in real-time. We find many executives and leaders join us from other groups like Vistage and say that our training offers a unique perspective that classroom and tradition-bound organizations cannot. Many even say being members of both is incredibly helpful.

First, it’s hard to find people who are not leading in some capacity. In family, volunteer organizations, business, and elsewhere people are leading more often than they think. This is professional development personally, so solopreneurs, retirees, and early career professionals typically walk away with a lot of new insights. That being said, the whole point is to help you lead more effectively. If you’re not interested in generating a positive impact in some aspect of your life, living intentionally, and being more excellent in your interactions with others this probably isn’t for you.

Acts of God… ok we are not that extreme. We watch conditions closely and cancel when the risk outweighs the reward. We have a lot of gear and great guides, so you can expect to backpack in the rain. We will communicate the risk we see and how we intend to mitigate that risk with you early and often. The bottom line, we rarely cancel. Instead, we might change the outdoor challenges to keep people safe and still effectively dive into important leadership conversations outside.

This is a challenge for everyone. We know leaders are busy, and we would offer that feeling unable to leave for 48 hours might be a tip that your team needs more autonomy. Taking time to deeply think through your current challenges, build habits to make you a better leader and person, and connect with other amazing people to begin forming lifelong friendships… well 48 hours away from your team and family seems like a worthwhile investment to us. Just ask your spouse and children if they can go without you for a weekend if you promise to come back more engaged, centered, and clear on your role.

That’s ok, the outdoorsy stuff is just a container- a new perspective to allow you to create new meaning and find innovative solutions. The outdoorsy stuff is meant to strip away all the other clutter in your mind and leave you focused on the task at hand- optimizing how you show up as a leader and person. If you don’t like it, we bet you will at least enjoy the novelty and challenge for a weekend. Plus who knows, you might find your new hobby!

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