As a Navy helicopter pilot for ten years, I grew to hate power point as much as I loved leading Sailors. That’s why when I decided to begin a leadership development firm, the first rule was NO POWER POINT! Life and leadership should be full of adventure, growth and fulfillment- fundamentals found outdoors, not in a conference room.

After graduating from the Naval Academy, I excelled in flight school, learning to pay attention to detail, manage fear, and control risk with my team. I earned the top graduate spot! Choosing to fly the mighty SH60, I got to lead Sailors on two deployments. 

Looking for a change of pace, I went back to the Naval Academy where I earned master’s degrees in leadership from UMD and the Naval War College. More importantly I had the honor of directly leading over 700 Midshipmen. From tackling 24-hour crucible events alongside my people to teaching advanced leadership theory at the collegiate level, I left the tour with a burning passion for helping people reach their fullest potential as leaders.

After one more deployment on an Aircraft Carrier, I decided to pursue leadership development full time. In 2006, my wife and I decided to climb the high point in every state- only 10 left now! I found I loved climbing mountains. Having seen the limitations of teaching leadership in a classroom, I knew outdoor activities would be a perfect place for leaders to thrive. While working on a Management PhD at GWU, I started teaching rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking for REI Outdoor School. I then did a 30-day expedition in Alaska with NOLS to become an instructor there as well. Seeing the need for quality, hands-on leadership training, I switched gears to complete my Executive Leadership Coaching Certificate at Georgetown. Now I take people outdoors to tap into the profound ways that nature brings clarity and peace- two things in high demand for leaders.

Specialties: Adventure, Leadership & Executive Coaching, Mountain Guiding

Snowboarding down the highest point in the lower 48! Life is an adventure and leaders know that!

Snowboarding down the highest point in the lower 48! Life is an adventure and leaders know that!