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Below you’ll find the latest research on leaders, teams, and organizations, and you’ll often see the ideas applied through the lens of an outdoor learning environment. 

Great culture isn't ping pong tables and nap pods. High performance culture is built through intentional leader actions.
It turns out that the way satellites communicate with each other can teach us a lot about how we communicate in the workplace.
Creating the optimal conditions for employees to find flow in the workplace more often can make them five times more effective and cut their learning time in half! What other management tool has that kind of impact on team productivity?
It’s rare to find a team where everyone clearly knows the mission, understands their part in it, and enjoys going to meetings, but Dr. Vanessa Druskat, a leading researcher in team emotional intelligence, says that is the bar for an OK team. Where does your team stack up?
Around 2010 US Air Force nuclear missile units were falling apart. Members were found cheating on tests and using drugs. Morale was at an all time low. It was time to do some serious team problem solving.  
Overcoming fear is not so simple. Sometimes fear paralyzes us needlessly, and other times it's an alarm for us to take action.
You can find myriad books about the importance of team trust in any bookstore, but most of them offer little more than platitudes and interesting stories.
As guides and leaders at Cairn Leadership, we have been lost once or twice. It turns out most people are actually a little lost most of the time. The good news? Experts offer great advice on how to get home after losing your way in the wilderness, and their advice applies to strategic leadership as well. 
As leaders, we are often unclear on our performance. Leading without quality feedback can be like driving 100mph with a blindfold on. How do you know if you are leading well? Consider these six ways you might be able to grow as a leader.
Having skilled new leaders in the right places can mean the difference between explosive growth and bankruptcy, and yet most of us roll our eyes at the thought of another leadership development program or retreat.
Imagine for a minute that you and your accomplice stole a beautiful painting worth one million dollars. You hid the painting, but then shortly afterward the police took you in for questioning. You are in separate rooms and unable to talk to each other.
Most of us intuitively agree on the benefits of awe: we know that gazing out on a mountain vista for a few minutes on a leadership adventure or when you’re on a solo adventure benefits us in some powerful and primordial way. It turns out that the research on awe concurs! 
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Two happy gentleman high fiving after experiencing the dynamics of trust and communication during a Cairn Leadership training session.
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