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Below you’ll find the latest research on leaders, teams, and organizations, and you’ll often see the ideas applied through the lens of an outdoor learning environment. 

Creating the optimal conditions for employees to find flow in the workplace more often can make them five times more effective and cut their learning time in half! What other management tool has that kind of impact on team productivity?
Have you ever started working or playing in the morning and suddenly realized it was dinner time? Have you ever so thoroughly enjoyed a day of work that it seemed to go by too quickly? This feeling of absolute engagement can be found everywhere from gnarly single track to video games, so what is it?
Even though McKinsey found that executives are five times more effective in flow, most of us still assume that it's just luck when we find ourselves in the zone. Leaders don’t attempt to intentionally cultivate this hyper effective state.
As I spent more time rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking or simply spending time in the mountains I began accessing flow more often.
Two happy gentleman high fiving after experiencing the dynamics of trust and communication during a Cairn Leadership training session.
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