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Below you’ll find the latest research on leaders, teams, and organizations, and you’ll often see the ideas applied through the lens of an outdoor learning environment. 

It’s rare to find a team where everyone clearly knows the mission, understands their part in it, and enjoys going to meetings, but Dr. Vanessa Druskat, a leading researcher in team emotional intelligence, says that is the bar for an OK team. Where does your team stack up?
Around 2010 US Air Force nuclear missile units were falling apart. Members were found cheating on tests and using drugs. Morale was at an all time low. It was time to do some serious team problem solving.  
You can find myriad books about the importance of team trust in any bookstore, but most of them offer little more than platitudes and interesting stories.
We all perceive risk in different ways, but at baseline it’s just a bad outcome expressed in terms of the likelihood and severity of the consequence. Risk is a bet. If we knew an action would lead to a bad outcome we would not take it.
99% of college professors say that critical thinking is the single most important concept students need to learn, but most studies show that students leave school unequipped to think critically.
Many leaders also forget to consider character’s role in their team’s success. This is because we tend to look at character as black and white, making it an unapproachable subject in the workplace.
A key way to effectively delegate, empower, and free up your time as a leader is to widely and clearly disseminate a great team mission. Make it succinct, clear, and compelling.
Two happy gentleman high fiving after experiencing the dynamics of trust and communication during a Cairn Leadership training session.
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