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Solo Trips

Leadership Summits

Scheduled events for individuals

Looking to step outside the office?

Meet and train with other leaders

We host multi-day training sessions on a semi-regular basis in locations across the country.  

Cairn Leadership Summits

Training for Individuals

Our leadership summits provide a valuable escape from the daily grind, offering a dedicated space for personal growth and professional development.

Join us for an engaging multi-day trip where you’ll team up with our leadership experts and other like-minded participants to explore core leadership principles and the science of high-performance teams, all while benefiting from the proven benefits of an outdoor learning environment. 

Cairn Leadership Summits offer a unique and immersive experience tailored to enhance your leadership capabilities and inspire personal growth. Embark on this unforgettable journey with us and discover a new path to leadership excellence.

Check our upcoming schedule of summits below and stay updated on our latest news, upcoming summits, and events with our newsletter.

A Cairn Leadership group hiking in the snow.Three hikers traversing up a rocky slope with a snowy mountain in the background.

Summits on the Calendar

Join 12 women on an epic backpacking trip across Catalina Island to explore goals, strengths and leadership for women.
Men's Leadership summit in the CO Rocky Mountains. Spend the days hiking high peaks and the evenings discussing masculinity and leadership.
Climb the classic Easton Glacier Route on Mount Baker in Washington State with a team of other professionals while learning core leadership skills.

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