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Novice to Expert

Levels of Challenge

Outdoor programs for all experience levels

Learning in the outdoors

Finding the right balance

When it comes time to plan a custom development program for your company, learning and safety are our two highest priorities. Often times these go hand-in-hand. Creating an environment that feels safe yet challenging is our specialty.

We will work with your team to choose just enough adversity to create team cohesion and deep learning. It’s all about finding the right balance – whether you are outdoor enthusiasts or first-time adventurers.  

For some team members, the idea of an off-site educational training might feel intimidating, or even a bit scary.  And that is okay.  Some team members might not be able to sleep on the ground – we get that. 

We tailor your program to match your team’s abilities and goals, exceeding industry standards along the way in safety, certifications, and education. 

A man in business attire with a backpacking pack in the outdoors reading a book on leadership.A happy group of Cairn Leadership clients new a small lake at the top of a mountain hike.

From outdoor novice to seasoned adventurer

Cairn Leadership Programs are for everyone

The challenge levels below were created to give clients an idea of the different levels of physical engagement in our programs.  Each team has their own unique needs and we are happy to customize our programs to fit your team and their desired level of outdoor engagement.  Remember, the benefits of an outdoor learning environment come when we find the proper balance between ability, challenge, and learning. 

Challenge Level 1

Great for teams looking for a shorter training session or diverse teams looking to accommodate a range of abilities.

  • Accessible hikes with shorter duration (1-4 miles)
  • Easy to moderate walking speed with regular breaks
  • Easy walking on flatter terrain with smooth, clean trails
  • Elevations below 10,000 feet
  • Lighter packs or personal backpacks

Challenge Level 2

Great for teams looking to add a bit more challenge to their learning environment or those looking for a multi-day training session.

  • Moderate hiking and climbing sessions
  • Longer duration hiking of 5-12 miles and 1000+ ft of elevation gain
  • Some uneven footing on trails
  • Elevations usually below 10,000 feet
  • May require carrying moderate packs (up to 40 lbs)

Challenge Level 3

Great for teams looking to push their boundries both at work and in the outdoors.

  • Moderate to strenuous trecking and climbing
  • Longer duration trekking of 5-12 miles and 2000+ ft of elevation gain
  • Moderate to intermediate terrain and trails
  • Elevations can be above 10,000 feet
  • May require carrying heavy packs (up to 45-50 lbs)
  • Nights are spent outdoors in tents or camping huts

Challenge Level 4

Great for teams of outdoor enthusiests looking to take their training to the highest level.

  • Strenuous trekking and climbing over multiple days
  • Treks of 5-12 miles and 3000+ ft of elevation gain
  • Intermediate to advanced terrain
  • May require carrying heavy packs (60+ lbs)
  • Nights are spent outdoors in tents
  • Glacier or technical travel can be involved
  • May travel in and to remote areas
  • May require intermediate technical skills and experience

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