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Shenandoah Hiking and Backpacking

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Scale your challenge with your team

Explore waterfalls, Old Rag, and the unique topography of Shenandoah

Embark on an enriching hiking journey in Shenandoah, spanning one to four days, exploring cascading waterfalls and topping the summit of Old Rag. Led by seasoned wilderness guides with robust business leadership backgrounds, participants delve into meaningful conversations amidst nature's splendor. Explore topics such as emotional intelligence, problem solving, and communication, drawing parallels between the rugged terrain and corporate challenges. Each day offers fresh perspectives, fostering personal and professional growth. By journey's end, emerge as empowered leaders, ready to navigate the complexities of the professional world with freshly honed skills.

The important details

What's Included

  • Guided hiking and camping
  • One on one mentorship sessions
  • Personal and team leadership assessments
  • Certified guides with technical expertise and business leadership experience
  • A guided journal to work through leadership theories and capture personal insights
  • Leadership discussions and lessons based on competencies participants choose
  • Follow-up accountability and implementation support after the adventure
  • Adventure Size 6-10 Clients + 2 Guides
  • Leadership Topics Communication, Flow, Team Dynamics
  • Outdoor Activities Hiking, Backpacking, Camping
  • Travel Fly to Dulles (90 min drive) or Richmond (2 hour drive)
    Meet at 11am in Sperryville, VA on day one
    Return by noon on final day if on a multi-day course
  • Experience Level None required. We will provide a fitness plan, all gear, and technical training as needed
  • One tent per person if camping
  • All outdoor camping and cooking gear
  • All meals, snacks, and hydration
  • A detailed personal clothing and gear list with examples and how-to videos
  • A customizable fitness plan

At A Glance


From Single Day
to 4 days/3 nights

Team Size

6-10 Clients
2 Guides




$9,000 - $20,000

Example Daily Agenda

  • Wake Up Yoga, coffee, and tea available
  • Breakfast Prepared by your guides
  • Training Team Communication and planning
  • Engaged Learning Hike with discussions along the trail
  • Lunch Relax and reflect
  • Engaged Learning 2 Afternoon hike with leadership and team training
  • Make Camp Relax, reflect, and setup camp for the evening
  • Dinner Meal prepared by your guides
  • Campfire Discussions Discuss our day, reflect on learning objectives, and enjoy the evening
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