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8 Ways to Use Team Emotional Intelligence to Create Great Culture

A team emotional intelligence lesson in New River Gorge

Using Team Emotional Intelligence to Drive Great Culture Do you have a good team or a great team? “A good team has clear roles, clear goals and great meetings.” Let’s be honest, that probably is not how you would describe your team all of the time. To most of us, that would be a great […]

Game Theory and Leadership

Snowy camp. Game theory and leadership are tied together when resources are limited.

Game Theory and Leadership When we are all tied together, it hurts the team to be selfish. Leaders can use game theory to craft a team focused culture. Good leaders use game theory to shape culture First, we must recognize that solving problems with game theory and leadership falls on the leader. If we expect that […]

Critical Thinking for Teams

critical thinking for teams checklist

Critical Thinking for Teams 99% of college professors say that critical thinking is the single most important concept students need to learn, but most studies show that students leave school unequipped to think critically. The top three skills employers wish new employees could do better are thinking critically, solving problems, and communicating effectively, but we […]

Develop Strong Team Character To Increase Team Performance

Developing good team character chart

Develop Strong Team Character To Improve Performance Did you know that the Ancient Greek root for the word character literally means sharpen, cut in furrows, or engrave? This meaning fits. Your character is the mark you make on the world, one little etch at a time. Yet most of us don’t think about it all […]