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Team Development Programs

Programs for teams and corporate groups

Cairn Leadership Programs

How It Works

Each of our professional development programs are specifically designed to empower your most important asset – your people.

We focus on delivering high quality, interactive educational experiences that combine leading professional development education with a learning environment proven to improve retention, creativity, cohesion, group dynamics, and more.

After speaking with your team, we work together to develop a custom curriculum and development program aimed directly at creating the culture your company needs to thrive.

And the best part is – the process to more effective growth starts with a simple intro call with our team. We want to learn more about your business and the challenges you are facing!



Team Dynamics

Productivity & Flow

Problem Solving

We Make Life Simple

Choose your strategic priorities, desired topics, and location

We will do the rest

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Partner with Cairn

Our comprehensive program includes our entire suite of services offered over a multi-month period with your company.  We focus on learning the intricacies of your team, your business, and your greatest challenges.

Learn more in a quick chat with our team or fill out our short 7 question survey and we will send you a few options tailored to your team.

  • Full Team Diagnostic
  • Focused Seminars
  • Multi-Day or Multiple Training Sessions
  • Focused Leadership Training
  • Team Development Program
  • Executive Coaching
  • Ongoing Support & Follow Up
A close-up image of people sitting in camping chairs outside discussing leadership philosophies.A group sitting together in the outdoors at sunset discussing leadership and teamwork during a Cairn Leadership development program.
Four client hikers enjoying a beautiful vista of green and snow-capped mountains during a Cairn Leadership team development adventure.Two team members walking through a flower meadow at the top of a high mountain range with jagged ridgelines seen in the distance.
Two leadership guides looking through the window of a wood shelter into the awaiting forest beyond.In climbing slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Slow down to be a better leader.
Cairn Leadership Strategies Team teaching outdoorsA corporate training group mid-way through their multi-day training program focusing on leadership and team development core skills.

Unlock Your Learning

Our multi-day programs are one of our most popular programs.  During these development experiences we bring your team directly into the natural environment, putting then into a learning environment strategically selected to support the priorities of their offsite training.  

Ready to try a new approach or have a few questions? Let us know!

  • Strategic Offsite Locations
  • Comprehensive Team Builds
  • Full Team Diagnostic
  • Tailored Curriculum & Facilitation
  • Equipment & Food Included
  • Post Program Assessment Report
  • Ongoing Support & Follow Up
A Cairn Leadership client pushing her boundaries by learning to rock climb for the very first time looking at the camera and smiling while rappelling down a rock face.Cairn Leadership clients and guides watching a fellow participant overcome challenges and learn to rappel down a rockface for the first time.
Cairn Leadership instructors teaching clients how to navigate in the outdoors and the value of skill building and teamwork.A group of clients smiling at the camera after reaching a stopping point on one of their team training programs with Cairn Leadership.
Hikers exploring a passageway carved out of the middle of a rock mountain.A client and a Cairn Leadership guide celebrating their accent of a large stack of boulders during a leadership development exercise.
A group of hikers on a single day Cairn Leadership program walking away from the camera on a green mountainside along a nice hiking trail.A cheerful group of leaders-in-training enjoying a cup of warm coffee in the morning on a multi-day leadership development program with Cairn Leadership.

Move Towards Growth

Single-day team builds are all about getting your staff off site, out of their comfort zone, and into an environment where they are engaged open to learning. Improve creative problem solving, build camaraderie, and reduce burnout in a single session.  If time is tight, or you even want to add an outdoor training component to an existing training schedule, we are happy to discuss half-day team builds as well. 

We have instructors available nationwide.  Let's chat! 

  • Improve Existing Teams
  • Augment Existing Training
  • Team Diagnostic Survey & Report
  • Tailored Curriculum & Facilitation
  • Instructors & Food Included
  • Post Event Assessment Report
  • Ongoing Support & Follow Up

Custom Leadership Programs

Let's take your team to new heights

Two ice climbers silhouetted on the side of a mountain just after sunrise.

Custom Leadership Programs

Two ice climbers silhouetted on the side of a mountain just after sunrise.

Looking For Something Else?

All of our programs contain curriculum chosen specifically for our clients, but we are happy to customize our programs themselves as well!  Let's talk about your unique needs and how we can help you incubate leaders, develop engaged teams, and create a company culture that strives for growth!  

We are available nationwide for training. Get started with a custom program by filling out our short team builder survey or connecting directly with one of our team members. 

Cairn Leadership logo of a rock cairn stacked next to the name of the company.

Looking for Examples of Past Programs?

Check out our course catalog for example locations, pictures, and details from previous programs. 

The Cairn Process

What To Expect

We use a three-phase approach when working with our clients.  During each phase of the process, we are in constant contact with your team, working to align our curriculum, training strategies, and program objectives directly with your goals. 

Along with custom program design, we also offer multiple levels of program challenge.  We are open to clients with all levels of leadership or outdoor experience.  

In fact, we often find that teams with less time spent outdoors are the ones that experience the greatest impact and growth through our training. 

Read more about our Levels of Challenge here.

Phase 1

Full diagnostic process with a report to determine leverage points.

  • Team and organization members take a short diagnostic survey to identify strengths and opportunities.
  • Our team interviews 10+ stakeholders to get qualitative data based on your survey results.
  • We send you the full report with recommendations. We then use the research to build your custom program.

Phase 2

Learn, grow, and refine new skills in an outdoor learning environment.

  • Execute our strategically planned program designed with experiential learning opportunities.
  • Your team cycles through authentic challenges and practical applications with a focus on transfer to work throughout.
  • Our instructors provide a full report with observations, commitments and recommendations.

Phase 3

Assess learning outcomes and implement new strategies.

  • Our team uses your post training assessment and team diagnostic to create a full action plan.
  • Programs includes ten hours of implementation including targeted coaching and tailored leadership seminars.
  • Six month follow up support with a second diagnostic to verify improvement and identify any new gaps.

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